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Tango Show: Complejo Tango

Tango Show: Complejo Tango

In the traditional district of Balvanera - old place of poets and "compadritos" that keep until today its typical French style COMPLEJO TANGO lodges 1200 m2 where you can breathes tango in each corner. It was built in 1895 and rebuilt leaving the details of the time untouched, the Complejo Tango house surprises everyone with its immense hall oak floors, the blacksmith shop of its balconies of "conventillo", the luxury of its academic halls, their amiable privacy and mainly, its great large window to the authentic heart of Buenos Aires.
They offer a program that includes:

Tango Lesson
Among the various activities offered in Complejo Tango, the Academy shines with its fully equipped hardwood-floor rooms. Tango enthusiasts can have private and group lessons with renowned professional teachers to learn the secrets of the dance or improve their tango skills – the dance, singing and music.

Designed to meet international gourmet’s demands, our menu features a number of musts for those visiting Buenos Aires and among them, our list of local wines has pride of place. Especially, for tango and milonga lovers, Complejo Tango also hosts an academy where our visitors can learn the secrets of the dance or improve their skills.

Tango Show
For dessert, our guests are served a world-class performance. Accompanied by an orchestra of renowned maestros, every evening a distinguished cast of professional dancers and singers employ their art to narrate the history of tango in five memorable scenes that provide the perfect after-dinner entertainment.


Tango Lesson: 19:30 hs.

Dinner: 20:30 hs.

Show: 22:00 hs.

Length: 3:30 hs.

Frequency: Daily

Address: Av. Belgrano 2608, Bs. As.

It includes:

  • Tango Lesson
  • Dinner (Entree, main course and dessert)
  • Free Drink
  • Tango Show