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Beagle's Navigation

Beagle's Navigation

We leave the local port with a small group of passengers, in the direction of Alice island to see the colony of sea lions; we continue to the Birds Island where the king and imperial cormorants inhabit. Nearby, we enjoy the view of the Rock Cormorants on the cliffs.

Then, we navigate towards the Sea lions Island to see them and also fur seals. Fianlly, we find Les Eclaireurs lighthouse, which was made in 1919 and it´s the real symbol of our city.

Going back, we disembark on Bridges Island for a short trekking. During the walk, we follow a road discovering the flora and the fauna. In this island we can see archeological rest of the Yamanas, the aborigines who lived here many years ago.

All the trip we share a snack, wich included tea, warm chocolate, coffe, biscuits and, of course, the typical Argentinian Mate. Duration: 4 hours.Departure: 9.30 a.m. and 3.00 p.m.