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Tierra Del Fuego National Park (Lapataia)

Tierra Del Fuego National Park (Lapataia)

Trekking / sailing:

Get ready to row in canoes, walk along thousand-year-old paths, or sail in the only Argentine National Park that combines sea, mountains and forests; 

The list is truly moving: Lapataia Bay, the coast of the Beagle Channel, the most incredible flora and fauna with red foxes, woodpeckers, steamer ducks, condors, eagles, beaver dams and peat bogs, all rubbing shoulders in the most spectacular setting. After the trekking, you have the chance to sail in a Zodiac to Redonda Island, or row in a duckie along the beautiful internal rivers of the park. You can not miss! - a whole new vision of our majestic park.

Walking, rowing or sailing, we get right in to this beautiful region and we experience it right up close. By combining any of these activities, you can see for yourself the imposing variety and quantity of animal species, plants and landscapes.

Departure time: 9:00 hs.

Arrival time: 18:00 hs.

Duration: 9:00 hs.

Transport: Mini-Bus

Frecuency: Daily

It includes:

  • Bilingual guide 
  • Meals: Snacks + Sandwich
  • Drinks: Red Wine, Mineral Water, Drinks
  • All the transfers

It does not include:

  • Entrances to National Parks