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San Salvador de Jujuy city is the capital city and it is located in the south of the province, in the Valles Templados region which is one of the main circuits to ride.

There is an Internatinal Airport a few km. away from San Salvador de Jujuy city and there are also many ways into the city from the road.

In Summer, high temperatures are registered at midday and in the afternoon. In Winter, maximum temperatures reach 20ºC but nights are cold reaching temperatures below 0ºC. The best season is Spring.

Due to a modern expansion, the city has grown beyond the hillsides joining newly built with colonial buildings.

In the so called "la Tacita de Plata", there are Hispanic reminiscences present in the Basilica Cathedral and other buildings downtown located.

Mountains, green plains, rivers, dream lagoons with beautiful landscapes and nice climate provide the tourist with the chance of enjoying trekking activities, sightseeings, photo safari and cultural tourism.

Among other places, the main sites to visit include Termas de Reyes resort, Yala lagoon and Río Blanco town, 7km away from the city where the Virgen del Rosario de Río Blanco y Paypaya Shrine is located. The virgin is the province patroness who has been worshiped since the XVII Century.

It is advised to take a cap or hat to protect from sun's rays, loose clothes, swimming suit and fishing rod in order to try one´s luck in the lakes surrounding the area.


  • The Humahuaca Ravine with its famous 7 colours hill
  • To visite "Salinas Grandes", one of the greatest depressions in the province with an exposed surface of over 12,000 hectares of salt
  • Antropology local museum
  • In the provincial house, it is situated the golden hall which holdes the first flag of the Argentinian nation