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Ameguino Dam Puerto Madryn - Atlantic Patagonia

Ameguino Dam
Puerto Madryn - Atlantic Patagonia

We start from Puerto Madryn early in the morning.

We go trhough the Local Route Nº 25 which link the coast with theChubut Mountain Range. In our trip, the landscape became in wavy plateau, and we arrive to Dike Florentino Ameguino, hydraulic engineering project, that compete with the nature.

In contrast with the stepe, it appears the sight of a green lake, surrounded by volcanos composition walls of 200 metres hight, in a red colour.The dam produce the energy for the area.

Interpretation Walks, sport activities, fishing, navigation are some of the activities in which we can spend the time enjoying the nature.

Departure time: 9:00 hs.

Arrival time: 9:00 hs.

Duration: 18:00 hs.

Transport: Mini-Bus

Frecuency: Daily

It includes:

  • Bilingual guide 
  • All the transfers

It does not include:

  • Entrances to National Parks