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Buenos Aires Skydiving

Buenos Aires Skydiving 10.000 And 13.000 Feets

Live an Amazing experience! Jump from a height of 10,000 or 13,000 feet. 
Full adrenaline in a 200km/h free fall.
You can ask to record a full video of the jump, since you being equipped to landing, and of course you can ask for pictures.
Just 35’ from Buenos Aires, enjoy this adventure within a unique scenery, an exceptional sight view of La Plata City, the Río de La Plata (the widest river of the world) and the coast of Uruguay.

•Instructors will give you a brief talk (15min.) to explain what is Skydiving and how you should behave.
•The airplane, ascends during 15/20min. until get the 3.000 mts that is jumping height.
•You will be equiped with a diver jumping, harness, helmet and goggles jump.
•The airplane, ascends during 15/20min. until get the 3.000 mts that is the jumping height.
•You Jump joined to a instructor, no other responsibility than to enjoy the jump.
•You will be in free fall during 40 seconds. During this time you descend from 3.000 to 1.500 mts., reaching a speed of more than 200km/h.
•At 1.500 mts. The instructor opens the parachute, and between 6 and 10 min. You fly to Landing.

Wear sneakers and clothes thar are not too loose. It is not allowed to wear coats or voluminous jackets. if possible not to use chains, watches, earings, rings, etc., because of the possibility of entanglement, loss or damage.