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Minitrekking Over Perito Moreno Glacier


Have you ever walked over ice that was formed thousands of years ago? You can not only see the glacier, but also trek over it, discover the colors, the strange formations and the effect of wind erosion, water and snow.

Of course, you are going to go with skilled guides and with the suitable equipment.

Inside the park, we start from the Port that is situated in the bay "Bajo de las sombras" to do a navigation of 20 min. with the view of the Perito Moreno southern glacier face. The walk on the glacier last about 2:30 hs. We finish with a stroll around the gangways for about 45 min.


Departure time: 7:30 hs.

Arrival time: 18:00 hs.

Duration: 11:30 hs.

Transport: Mini-Bus

Frequency: Daily (from August to June)

It includes:

  • Bilingual Guide
  • Crampons
  • Transfers to "Puerto Bajo de las Sombras" inside the park
  • All the transfers

It does not include:

  • Entrances to National Parks