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Iguazú Falls- Argentine side + Brazilian side

2 days Combo Iguazú Falls Argentine side + Brazilian side excursion AND tranfers to and from Airport or Bus Station.
Minimum 2 nights package, preferably 3 nights
Precio desde:USD 60.00

Excursion to the Falls, Argentine side (Full Day):

This Tour take will you to visit part of the Iguazú National Park. It preserves 67.000 ha. of giant trees, vines and ferns living with multicolored butterflies, birds and mammals, all of them part of the rich local flora and fauna.

The park was declared Natural World Heritage in 1984, due to its scenic beauties and the great biological diversity of the subtropical jungle. The famous falls are in the heart of this Park.

You will start the visit at the Local Museum and continue the Tour along the Lower Trail, from where you can see the "Two sisters Falls", the "Bossetti Fall", the "Hidden Fall", a panoramic view of "San Martin island " and the "Union Fall".

Later you walk the Upper Trail shifting along walkways located above major falls up to the majestic "San Martin Fall” from where you have a panoramic view of the Brazilian falls.

Finally, you go with the Train of the Jungle up to "Devil's Throat" station. From there, after 1,000 meters walk along the catwalks, you will reach the spectacular "Devil's Throat", where the Iguazu river expresses itself with all its strength and the falling water gives the illusion of magic rainbows.

- Excursion to the Falls Brazilian Side, half day:

The guide will take you to visit the wonderful Iguazu Falls, on the Brazilian side, from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Argentine side.

You will get close to "Floriano", "Deodoro," and "Benjamin" waterfalls and the walkways lead you also to "Santa Maria Falls." (Beware of visa needs if going to the Brazilian side, eg: Australia, USA, Canada, China, etc)

Departure time to Argentine side: 8:00 / 9:00 hs.

Arrival time: 16:00 / 17:00 hs.

Duration: 8:00 hs.

Departure time to Brazilian side: 08:00/ 15.00hs.

Arrival time: 10.00hs/ 17.00 hs .

Length: 2:00 hs.

Transport: Mini-Bus

Frequency: Daily

It includes:

  • Bilingual guide 
  • All the transfers from hostels or hotels to the falls and transfer from and to Airport or Bus Station.

It does not include:

  • Entrances to National Parks