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Iguazú Forest

Iguazú Forest

Iguazú Forest is a special program to discover a new concept of Eco-tourism and adventure tourism, offering many activities to experience them in direct contact with nature.


Two daily departures: 8:00 am and 14:00 pm. Duration approximately 4 hrs.

The activities are:


Canoping: Moving between various platforms in the treetops, the person glides from one tree to another subject of a harness to the steel ropes sighting the incredible vegetation from above. It develops in a variable between 15 and 25 meters high with a distance of 800 meters long.

Trekking: Performed by footpaths through the jungle, which allows the recognition of different species of flora (strangling trees, parasitic plants, air carnations, orchids, Palmital) and native wildlife. The path has a distance of 900 meters.

Rappel: Long live the incredible experience of falling rocks in the middle of a waterfall rappelling 15 meters or dry, assisted permanently by specialized instructors.

The activities are restricted to children under 6 years, pregnant women and people with physical disabilities.