Canopy Adventure Tour Trevelin - Northern Patagonia

Canopy Tour
Trevelin -
Northern Patagonia

This activity take place 15 km away from the hostel, at Trevelin, in a place before the entrance to Los Alerces National Park

The itinerary lasts 2 km. We start from a platform in the trees 60 km high. There is a cable railway which connects each tree and pulley with harness. Inside, people travel between different platforms. From that high we can see the forest and the Trevelin Village. 

The infrastructure was tested by specialist in the control of circuits of Canopy in Costa Rica. 



Departure time: Morning / Midday / Evening

Length: 3:00 hs.

Transport: Mini-Bus

Frecuency: Daily

It includes: 

It does not include: