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El Bolsón

Shielded by mountains and ancient glaciers, El Bolsón lies on the southwestern border of the Province of Río Negro, within the parallel 42º Andean Shire. This region is formed by the mountain range valleys that interconnect villages such as Lago Puelo, El Hoyo, Epuyen, Cholila and El Maitén, as well as El Bolsón.

At the foot of Mount Piltriquitrón and resting on the Quemquemtreu River, this town treasures sceneries of unique beauty with rivers, lakes and creeks bordered by native forests.

With the purpose of protecting this privileged natural environment, in 1984, El Bolsón was declared Non-Nuclear Zone and Ecological Municipality committed to the preservation of the environment. Blessed with a micro climate of its own, this site invites visitors to enjoy every season. The snowy slopes of Mount Perito Moreno are ideal for the practice of ski in the winter season. And in the summer, they become natural sceneries for multiple activities such as fly-fishing, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and climbing, among other proposals.

Countryside inns, fishing lodges and cabins provide excellent service and assistance to visitors. Likewise, a neat regional gastronomy may be tasted in several restaurants and tea houses in town.

The main activity of the community may be observed through a tour around the farms specialized mainly in growing hop (used to aromatize beer) and fine fruit.

National Hop Festival, which presents various cultural events, as well as its traditional regional handicrafts' market, where products such as pottery, wool, leather and metal works, as well as dry flowers, jams, fresh vegetables, flowers, knives and candles stand out.

El Bolsón can be reached by land through National Routes 258 and 40. There are also airlines which offer flights to the nearby cities of San Carlos de Bariloche or Esquel, and many shuttles connect them with El Bolsón.


  • One of the most important handcraft fairs in South America
  • Mount Piltriquitrón is a center of energy
  • The “Trochita, the Old Patagonian Express train which leaves from El Maitén, takes us to see the heart of the Patagonian steppe and its charming landscapes
  • Mount Cerro Azul (blue hill) lodge the most important glacier, in the deepnes of the cracks we can see a mysterious blue color
  • Lago Puelo National Park, which protects local endangered species
  • Cerrito Amigo is one of the best spots to behold the beauty of the valley, the mountain range and the village