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Cachi Tour Salta - The NorthWest

Cachi Tour
Salta - The NorthWest
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We are starting our trip taking the route 68 to the South passing through the little towns of Cerrillos, La Merced and El Carril from where we are changing direction and taking the route 33. We will be travelling across Escoipe Gorge, The Leaks, The Condoreras, Bishop´s Slope, The Enchanted Valley until Mill ´s Stone (3400 masl),from where we´ll be entering into the National Park Los Cardones.We´ll take the Tin Tin Straight, an old Inca road, passing through the town of Payogasta until we arrive to Cachi, village that still keeps the architecture of its colonial past. There we´ll visit the church, the main square, the antropological museum and the craft market. At the end of the wisit, we are coming back to Saltathrough the same road.

Departure time: 7:00 hs.

Arrival time: 17:00 hs.

Duration: 10:00 hs.

Transport: Mini-Bus

Frecuency: Daily

It includes:

  • Bilingual guide 
  • All the transfers
It does not include:
  • Entrances to National Parks