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La Trochita Trevelin- Patagonia

La Trochita

La Trochita is composed by a locomotive and their carriage (of a narrow width, dates back to 1922, and there is a length of 0,75 m between each rail). 
It used to go trough the Patagonian northwest to help the trade of the area and to provide of communication to the rural settlers. 

We start from the Esquel stop (we do not provide transfer, but we are in touch by a bus line, with a frecuency of one hour) untilNahuelpan, the trip start in the morning and last 3 hours). 

Once We arrive at Nahuelpan, the passengers descend and visit the Mapuche Community and they can visit the Mapuches Customs and History Museum; They can buy handcraft clothes. (Hand woven and spinner clothes) 

The carriages are well preserved, they have salamander stove and wood trunk, so that makes it a warm place; Besides there is a restaurant carriage where people can buy fast food, tea, coffe, warm chocolate. It is the history on wheel ! 


Departure time: Morning / Midday / Evening

Length: 3:00 hs.

Transport: Mini-Bus

Frecuency: Daily

It includes: 

  • Bilingual guide 
  • All the transfers

It does not include:

  • Entrances to National Parks