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Puerto Blest y Cascada de Cantaros

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Puerto Blest y cascada de Cantaros

This trip begins at Pto. Pañuelo on the Llao Llao peninsula. The boat navigates along the long and narrow Blest Arm. From the start and all along the way the landscape is spectacular: thick forest, imposing mountain peaks, transparent glacial waters.

The entrance to the Blest arm is guarded by mounts Capilla and Millaqueo and the Centinela island. On this island rest the remains of Francisco Pascacio Moreno, the creator of the Argentine National Parks.

A few minutes after starting the navigation within the arm and near Islas Mellizas the maximum known depth is reached: 464 meters. A few minutes before arriving at Puerto Blest you will see Playa de las Arañas and Cascada Blanca.

After sailing for an hour, the boat reaches Pto. Cántaros at Bahía Blest. You are now within the Valdivian Jungle due to the fact that it is one of the places, which receives heavier rainfalls: 3000 mm per year. Enormous trees like the coihue and alerce or larch inhabit this jungle; a bushy grove crowded with creepers and liana and, thanks to the dampness, a proliferation of herbs, ferns, moss and fungi.

Don’t miss the timber-lined path, which takes you to Laguna and Cascada Los Cántaros. From this point the opposite side of Puerto Blest can be seen. This last one is the starting point towards the international pass Perez Rosales.   

At Puerto Blest you can visit or stay at the hostería . There is also an area designed to help you interpret how the local species grow. You will probably hear the roar of Río Frías. This river begins at Lago Frias and carries its milky waters into the Nahuel Huapi lake creating and emerald green hue in all the surrounding area. If you are in the mood for walking around an extra hour and a half you can reach Pto. Alegre, on lake Frias, distant 3 kilometers away. This lake can be navigated for 40 minutes to arrive in Puerto Frias where the road towards the international pass begins.

Frequency: Daily tour

Departure time: desde Puerto 10:30hs. Aprox

Arrival time: 18:00hs. Aprox

It includes:

  • Tour guide
  • All transfers