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Buenos Aires Temaiken

Buenos Aires Temaiken

TEMAIKEN is the place where nature surprises and teaches! This spectacular Park is placed at 50 km of Buenos Aires City, in Escobar. Its inhabitants are: mammals, fishes, birds, reptiles and plants. It has an aquarium, Interactive Centers, Live Patagonia, 360° cinema and Park of sensations.

LIFE LAND. This is a unique park in Latin America.

You will enjoy the whole variety of birds and animals. You will be surprised with the spectacular aquarium, where the sharks will be swimming a few centimeters above your head. And a tunnel will take you to the subterranean Patagonia. You will experience the wild fauna. As you go through the Park you will find white tigers, hippopotamus submerged in clear water and a cinema with eight screens, where life will completely shroud you. Also, there are unforgettable entertainments.

TEMAIKEN is the place where nature surprises and teaches. 


Departure time: 9:00 am

Length: 6:30 hs.

Frequency: Thursday, Friday and Saturday