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Route 40 - South North

Route 40 South North

Rout 40 is the longest rout of Argentina. This historical way borders the Andes Mountain Range practically crossing all the country from north to south. It goes trough valleys, deserts, fords, slopes, small towns, forests and lakes, flowery regions, saline, volcanos, linking 11 provinces and concentrating the major tourist attractive of the country. 

Their remote landscapes offer to us many possibilities for backpacker and for the most demanding travellers of the world. It gives access to a ten of National Parks and several Natural Reserves. It connects with the main Ski Centers like Las Leñas, Chapelco and Bariloche.

It covers the Puna, Cuyo and the Patagonian Regions.

It crosses native ruins, archaeological complex, observatories, old mills, chapels, prehispanic colonies and oasis cities, and a wide variety of cultures, weathers and interest places.
This Route crosses 30 latitudes and hold the highest road of the world, in "Abra del Acay", surpassing the 5000 meters of masl.

For that reason this route that links regions and economies is so important and so magnificent and works of spine of an area of huge natural and historical wealth.


Which service we offer to you?
We carry tourists from Calafate to Bariloche through the National Rout 40.

Day 1: We start from the hotel you are staying in El Calafate, or, from the designated stop in El Chaltén.
We arrive to Los Antiguos at night.
Day 2: We start from the hostel in Perito Moreno at about 7:45 hs., we arrive to Bariloche at 20:30 hs.



Departure time: 8:00 hs.

Arrival time: 20:30 hs.

Duration: 2 days hs.

Transport: Mini-Bus

Frequency: Odd days (From October to April)

It includes:

  • Trip Chaltén - Calafate
  • Trip Calafate - Los Antiguos
  • Trip Los Antiguos - Bariloche

It does not include:

  • Accommodation in Los Antiguos
  • Meals